A team of traders and analysts develops Edge of Trading. The team’s traders and analysts cover Macroeconomics and various technical analysis areas such as Price action in combination with Elliott wave analysis. We have more than ten years of actual trading experience in the Futures market, Forex market, and Stock market.
Edge trading uses a Discretionary Trading Strategy based on the Price Action and Elliott Waves trading analysis. We are also using three unique  Moving Averages which are used in combination with the Relative Strength Index indicator, Stochastic oscillator dynamic support, and resistance rectangles, Pitchfork channel tool (developed by Andrew’s Pitchfork) to determine the trend and accurate levels of entry and exit for every trade.
Our technical analysis and trading insights are provided in partnership with unique and powerful technical analysis software PRO REAL-TIME and Tradingview.
We tend to pay more attention to creating traders that will be effective over a more extended period than promising them instant results in a few days or months. Trading is all about probability and discipline, and it requires time to make good results.
We are here to develop and upgrade your Edge in trading!



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