Glance at your screens. Spot a setup. Open a trade. Close it. Repeat.

That's what trading is supposed to be like.

Yeah, right! The reality is far more difficult. Tips. Rumors. Media noise. Market surprises. A winner, a loser, a loser.

It's a stressful merry-go-round -- we get it.

It doesn't have to be like that for you. We can help you become confident and successful, one video lesson at a time.

Three times a week, our leading trading strategist delivers to your screen a hands-on lesson in Elliott waves and other technical analysis tools. Most lessons focus on a REAL-MARKET opportunity.

In each lesson, Alex reveals tips for the trade to help you put your new skills to work in your markets


In every new video lesson, our analyst shares various time-tested tools and tips from his 15-year career in the markets. Instantly you can add these simple, effective techniques to your trading arsenal.

  • Time effective

    Three times a week, a short video lesson from a professional trader and analyst gives you hands-on lessons in Elliott waves and other technical analysis tools.

  • Real time trading

    Lessons show you a new market opportunity. Today, it may be gold or oil. Tomorrow, BTC or TSLA. .

  • Be Independent

    Become the self-reliant trader you want to be. Each lesson helps you change the way you trade. For good.

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