Trading desk strategy remarks non edited 11/12/2016

Every week our non edited trading desk strategy remarks in deep analysis and medium term trading strategy. Unique! You will see how we prepare our trading strategy.


-For——- Trading desk

Main trading strategy  focus still on $DXY

We are now bullish the USD DXY index because of it’s heavy turn this week from 100 SMA (red line) support again, exactly 95.40 level. We now expect trend continuation of the USD and we are changing the strategy from short to long. We will wait patiently for opportunities to join the trend.



EUR/USD rejected hard from perfect falling trend line Pitchfork channel 1.11760 level. It is now traveling to the lower channel end 1.0650-1.0750 and we are exploiting shorts here all the way to that target.



We are looking at EUR/JPY for a possible trade here long/short on a break of 115.755 or a rejection from that level. We have to be careful because of EUR weakness despite the YEN weakness as well. This could be also good shorting opportunity. Important notice—- watch the price action closely here.



GBP/USD  is strongly out of the rectangle bottom, but due to strong downtrend structure we have to be careful here, but we will be watching price action for short term opportunities specially longs in the 1.2500-1.2560 zone if it gets there.



Seasonality is changed for AUD/USD due to US elections so we are out from longs. Critical point for downturn is braking of Pitchfork channel 0.7540 level and more important 200 SMA (blue line) 0.7500 level .Important notice—- Looking for a short entry on a break of 0.7500.



USD/CAD now offering good long set up here on a break above 1.3460. With expected OIL weakness we are inclined now to longs. Important notice—- watching intraday price action closely for a long entry.



And finally our long watched  trend following candidate is Nikkei specially if YEN weakness continue. It is still hesitating around 1748 and we will enter trades only on a break of it .Important notice—- watching price action closely for an entry long.



To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. Winston Churchill

—-So many trade set ups now emerging but we have to be patient trend is developing USD long, indices long, YEN shorts—-


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