Trading desk strategy remarks non edited 12/03/2016

Every week our non edited trading desk strategy remarks in deep analysis and medium term trading strategy. Unique! You will see how we prepare our trading strategy.


-For——- Trading desk

Main trading strategy  focus still on $DXY

We are now building long positions in USD pairs with this heavy upside break of multi month rectangle 100.600 level and a closing to new highs this week 101.50 level. We will build long positions and possibly close it all before December FED meeting, and use any retracements and new breakouts to add new position. The USD is retesting now 100.600 and we expect bounce and continuation from here and we don’t exclude another stab at 100.



EURUSD is reaching strong downside support zone 1.0680-1.0720. We are inclined to take short position only on a break of 1.0540, but we do not exclude shorts in the support zone on a price action candles. Important notice—- look for an intraday price action.



USD/NOK is offering us a new chance to enter the medium uptrend. Friday hammer candle could be actionable set up for long with 8.3610 SL, and we would wait for Sunday/Monday development. Important notice—- watching closely intraday price action for long entries.



AUD/USD has made an perfect retarcement all the way up to break out levels and we will look to add new short position but only on a break lower of a last week low 0.7370 level .Important notice—- Looking for a short entry next week  below 0.7370.



AUD/CAD is new short opportunity looking at combination of USD/CAD slow upside and AUD/USD fast downside there is almost 400 pips space below 0.9830 our pending stop sell. Important notice—- Looking for long entry sell stop or on a retracement to 0.1000.



USDZAR is one the perfect candidates of Emerging market currency weakness against the USD . It is now retraced 61.8% Fibo from a last swing high and is retesting uptrend line and 100 SMA (red line). Important notice—- Looking for long entry here on a daily close base.



Our candidate from Indexes now is Nasdaq. Thursday and Friday price action are offering us new opportunity for a long trade with good RR touching the Median support line 4700 level.Important notice—- Entry long Sunday open or Monday.


USD/JPY is calling to action here and we will place a trade on a retrace to 111.500, which is a long shot to happen, and with greater probability buy stop above 114.750 also 100 SMA weekly (red line) for a re-run to 130. Important notice —- Entry long next week.



To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. Winston Churchill

—-Building USD long positions and watching the opportunities to exploit Indexes strength EUR weakness—-


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